Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Train Wreck

On July 24, the day after transfers, Elder Stephen Ward was traveling on  a train bound for A Coruña, when it wrecked, just outside of Santiago de Compostela. It was less than an hour away from its' destination. The conductor had been going over twice the maximum speed, at 200 kph, when it went around a turn. There were multiple deaths - over 80 of the 208 passengers died. Miraculously, he made it through with "only" a broken neck and multiple contusions and lacerations. 

Brother and Sister Allen, from the Missionary Dept. - here in Madrid on the night of the train wreck
The first hint of a smile was when we gave him a cookie in the hospital in A Coruña.

The day after he was released from the hospital, Elder Ward did many, many interviews with international news outlets. This was with CNN, at the hotel in A Coruña.

From the local press

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